Welcome to Atherton Indoor Range.

Atherton Indoor Range is a friendly all weather, all year, heated indoor range/club for airguns under 12ft lbs, FAC air rifles, and .22 Rimfire (see our FAQ page for terms and conditions of FAC air & Rimfire use).

A.I.R. is affiliated with National Small-bore Rifle Association and National Rifle Association.

The existing ranges are four separate ranges. -

One at 42 yards for sub 12 air rifle use.

A.I.R. Extreme at 75 yards for both sub 12 & FAC air rifle use. 

A 10m Pistol/BB range for pistol, rifle and BB or Pellet use (including steel BB's). 

A 25 yard range for .22lr rimfire use (Only available to our Firearms members).

We have many different targets (spinners, bells, sound reactive), as well as fully electric recall targets allowing you to place paper targets at varying distances, perfect for zeroing your gun.

The range has something for everyone, whether you are a serious shooter, you just want a bit of plinking, or you've never shot before and you want to give it a try.

Whilst airgun visitors/non-members will always be welcome at AIR, due to popular demand we also offer the OPTION of yearly membership for both sub 12 and FAC shooters, which allows us to keep reduced range fees for those who continue to support us. No committee meetings, no work days/evenings where members are expected to build or clean up. No fuss. Enjoy all the benefits of being a club member without any of the draw backs!  

We are constantly investing into the range to improve the facilities on offer and keep enhancing the experience of our shooters

We are always looking to the future, sub 12 airgun licencing is looking increasingly likely and by providing the availability of membership we are also protecting our shooters should sub 12 airgun licensing be introduced.


Sub 12 membership is only £30 per year with NO admin charges. The range fee for members is only £6 per visit. 

You must have shot with us at least once in the last 3 months to apply for sub 12 membership.

Membership is always optional and does not affect your ability to shoot with us as a visitor.


Sub 12 & FAC Airgun visitors will ALWAYS be welcome at AIR.

The range fee for visitors with their own guns is only £10 per person per visit, allowing you to pay per visit with no additional fees.

There are NO time limits; shooters with their own guns can shoot ALL DAY (if you have the energy)!

FREE unlimited air fills for all PCP guns are included! Don't forget your fill probe!

Free parking and free WI-FI is available.

*Visitors MUST provide valid ID, see FAQ's for details.

*Hire rifles & tuition available by appointment only.

*FAC airgun use must be booked in advance see FAQ's for terms and conditions

Our Daystate Huntsman regal Hire rifles, click to enlarge
Air Rifles are available for hire for an additional fee of £5 per gun. Pellets are not included and are bought separately, all of our hire guns are .177 calibres. 
Please be aware that hire air rifles are available by appointment only and MUST be booked in advance to guarantee their availability. See our FAQ page for more information including how to book and terms and conditions.
Tuition is also available, please see FAQ's for details including how to book (as with our hire guns, tuition must also be pre-booked in advance to guarantee availability).
Our 75 yard indoor range, click to enlarge

A.I.R. Extreme our 75-yard indoor range is open to the public, making A.I.R. one of the longest, if not THE longest public indoor airgun range in the UK! This range is for both sub 12 and FAC airgun use. See our FAQ page for conditions of FAC use.

Our 42 yard indoor range, click to enlarge

Our 42-yard range available to sub 12 airgun shooters.
In 2020 we completed construction of
something you will not find anywhere else! Our interactive, fully electric recall targets for the 42-yard range.

This means no range closures and no tape for the 42-yard range.
Very shortly we will also be adding the ability for shooters to control the electric recalls simply by logging in on via your smartphone! Choose where you want your targets to move to and when, all at the touch of your smartphone!

Our 10m Pistol/BB range, click to enlarge

Our pistol range designed for BB use, you can use pellets or BB's on this range (including steel & plastic BB's).
Available for rifle use also (both airgun and airsoft) making it an ideal range to zero your rifle. 

Our 25 yard rimfire range, click to enlarge

Our 25 yard Rimfire Range has a fully electric target recall system, along with steel and concrete benches and LED lighting.

This range is only available to probationary and full members of our Home Office approved firearms club which is both NSRA & NRA affiliated, giving us the ability to book MOD ranges and the ranges at Bisley for longer range full bore shooting. 

We are located at:

Atherton Indoor Range

1st Floor Victoria Mill

Bolton Old Road


Greater Manchester

M46 9JQ

Contact us today!

Remember to check our Covid-19 page for important but temporary changes in how we are currently operating. If you have any other queries not covered on the website please contact us:


The Range (for Range enquiries ONLY) - 07745 278372.


Gun Shop (for shop enquiries ONLY) - 07561 844526.


The phone line opens fifteen minutes after we open to allow us time to sign shooters in.

Although we always respond as quickly as we can, there may be times when we are providing assistance and are unable to answer straight away. In the event of this, please give us ten minutes and try again. 

Appointments for gun hires or tuition can only be taken over the phone.


Get social with us.

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