For everything you need to know about airguns and the law please see  here.

Please be aware that if you come to the range with an uncovered gun we will not be able to allow you to shoot.


How much does it cost to shoot/do you have to be a member/can you be a member?

Airgun visitors/non members are always welcome at AIR, allowing shooters to pay per visit with no additional charges. The range fee for visitors is just £10 per person shooting and covers you for the whole day, so you can stay and shoot as long as you like & go out and come back later should you choose. Remember, air fills for PCP's are FREE!

*See FAC Airgun section below for terms and conditions of FAC airgun visitors.


Both sub 12 airgun and Firearms yearly memberships are also available. The range fee is only £6 per person shooting for members. Sub 12 membership is £30 per year and you must have shot with us at least once within the last 6 months before you can apply for Sub 12 membeship. Contact our shop staff for more information on our membership options.

** Please be aware that under 14's are not eligible for membership. This does not affect age restrictions for visitors (see below for more information on minimum visitor age).


**Please see below for information about rifle hires/tuition & FAC use, including how to book these, prices, and terms and conditions.


Is ID required?

All visitors must bring photo ID on their first visit. Visitors will need to update their details at least once per year.
*Minors are not expected to have ID. 

Passports, Driving Licences & FAC's are accepted.

Please be aware that work passes, bus passes etc are not accepted as valid forms of identification as they do not provide the information required. If you do not have a photo Driving Licence or Passport please contact us to arrange alternative ID.


Are air rifles available for hire?

Hire air rifles MUST be pre-booked in advance. Please be aware that if you do not pre-book gun hires in advance we cannot guarantee their availability.

Most of our shooters do bring their own guns, although we do have air rifles available for hire for both visitors and members. Hire air rifles are an additional fee of £5 per hire gun. If you are not an experienced shooter there is a tuition fee of £5 per person for a range officer to get you up and running and ensure that you are shooting safely.

You must contact us by phone to pre-book hire guns to guarantee their availability. Please be aware that we only hire air rifles, pistols are not available for hire.

*Pellets are not included and are bought separately.

*All of our hire guns are Daystate Huntsman Regal airguns and are .177 calibre, pellets are available for purchase for £9.80 per tin (500 pellets per tin).  

*Failure to book in advance could mean that we may not have any rifles available during your visit.

*Tuition is mandatory when there is a booking and those shooting are not experienced shooters. 

*Pre-booking must be completed over the phone during open hours.

Please see our prices page which has been designed so that shooters interested in gun hires and/or tuition are able to work out the cost of their visit.


Do I have to make an appointment to shoot? Can I book a lane?

Whether you are a sub 12 visitor or member, we do not book apointments when you are an experienced shooter with your own sub 12 airgun. Lanes are not booked in advance, you can shoot whenever you feel like it!

*Hire guns MUST be pre-booked in advance to guarantee their availability.

*FAC airgun use MUST be pre-booked in advance, see FAC airgun section for terms and conditions of FAC use.

On your first visit you will go through a brief safety induction. This is mandantory, although it only takes a few minutes so you do not book an appointment for this. The safety induction isn't about experience, it's about making you aware of the safety requirements of our range/club, and what we expect to ensure that everyone remains safe as every club/range is run differently. The range/club safety requirements are also displayed clearly on the range at all times, and by remaining on the range you are agreeing to adhere to these. Once you have been through the induction and have been signed in, you are free to shoot for as long as you like!

Please see below for information about rifle hires including how to book and prices.


Can I shoot Pistol/BB/Airsoft?

You can shoot both pellet Pistols and Airsoft guns (including rifles) using plastic, steel, and lead BB's on our separate pistol range. Eye protection must be worn at all times on this range. Eye protection can be purchased at the range, borrowed at reception for a small deposit which you get back when you have finished, or you can of course use our own.

Please be aware that pistols are not available for hire, in order to use pistols on our pistol range you must provide your own.


Can I use FAC airguns?

Visitors and members can use FAC air guns on our 75 yard range.

*FAC airgun terms and conditions -
Those wishing to use FAC airguns at the range MUST be existing FAC holders, they MUST contact the 
shop PRIOR to arrival to arrange FAC use on the range, and they MUST bring their fire arms certificate for inspection.


Shooters wishing to become an FAC holder may apply for probationary membership of our onsite club.


Please direct any questions on FAC use (including booking FAC use or club membership) to our shop staff on 07561 844526 or email athertonrangeshop@gmail.com.


Can I shoot Rimfire?

Only probationary and full members of our onsite Home Office approved FAC AIR Rifle & Pistol Club can use our 25 yard rimfire range. You can apply for probationary membership of our firearms club which gives you acces to our .22 rimfire range. Please see the .22 Rimfire page for full details.


Can I pay by card?

This facility is not currently available at the range.

Payment by card is available in the shop (for shop purchases only).


How old does someone have to be to come to the range?

Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a suitable adult over 21 who will be responsible for supervising them at all times.

To ensure safety supervising adults must have shooting knowledge unless the minor is having tuition. If you are unsure or you have any questions about this please call us for more information.

Please be aware that all visitors over 18 must provide valid ID on their first visit. See above for more information.
If you are accompanying a minor as their supervising adult and you need to leave the range for any reason, they must go with you as they are unable to remain on the range unsupervised.
We require anyone shooting at the range to be able to physically handle their gun without assistance, to be able to reach the bench, to be aware of the need for safety, and to be able to understand and follow the rules of the range at all times (and be aware of the potential consequences of not doing so). They must not behave in a manner that could be distracting to other shooters.

Children must be at least 8 years old to shoot on the range. Please be aware that even if children are aged 8 or older, if they do not meet the criteria above or if we feel that they may not be able to shoot safetly, we will not be able to allow them to shoot.

*We welcome and encourage younger shooters, but ask anyone considering bringing a child to be sensible and practical when considering age and ability. If they do not meet the criteria above we will not be able to allow them to shoot.

*Younger spectators must also be able to understand and follow our safety instructions. They must behave safely and sensibly at all times, so that our shooters are not distracted. For this reason, if we feel someone is too young to shoot on our range we will not be able to allow them to remain on the range either as a shooter or as a spectator.
*We reserve the right to refuse entry or ask someone to leave, as the safety of our shooters is of paramount importance to us.

** Please be aware that under 14's are not eligible for membership. This is for membership only and does NOT affect the age limit for visitors.


Do I need to bring my own fill probe?

Yes. Whilst we do have some fill probes at the range, we advise you to always bring your own. This ensures that you will always be able to take full advantage of the free air, as we may not always have the one that you need. Best Fittings Quick Fill connectors are also available for purchase at the range.


Is car parking available?

Yes, there is a FREE carpark outside the mill.


Do you fill dive bottles?

It is £3.50 for dive bottles up to and including 7ltr, and £5 for 8ltr - 12ltr. 

*Please be aware that there may be times when we are unable to fill your bottle straight away, and you may be asked to collect it later. Bottle fills are always paid on collection.

*We cannot fill bottles that are not within test. Please remember to check.



Do you sell pellets/BB's? Do you sell CO2?

A selection of pellets in various calibres are available for purchase at the range.

BB's are available for purchase.

Co2 cartridges are also available for purchase.


I have very little or no experience shooting, is tuition available?

Tuition is available for an additional fee of £5 per person/visitor, with a maximum of four shooters/visitors at any one time (supervising adults who are not shooting are not included, and do not have any charges/fees). This includes an introduction to shooting and gun safety. Tuition is always tailored to your level of experience and ability, and a range officer will stay with you as long as you need them to make sure you are shooting safely and are getting the most out of your experience.

Tuition is available for complete beginners, and also those wanting to get back into the sport or enhance their shooting skills and knowledge. You can hire rifles from us or bring your own. Once the tuition is finished and you are confident to shoot on your own, you are free to stay for as long as you like, and we are always on hand to provide assistance should you need us.

*Tuition MUST be booked in advance over the phone during open hours.

*Tuition is mandatory when there is a minor and the supervising adult is not an experienced shooter. 

For everything you need to know about airguns and the law please see here.

Please see our prices page which has been designed so that shooters wanting gun hires and/or tuition are able to work out the cost of their visit.


Does the range have a chronograph?

We can chronograph your gun for you. For non members there is a £2 fee which goes to our shooter's chosen sponsored charity, North West Air Ambulance.


When is a good time to zero my gun? Can someone zero for me?

Although we can never predict how quiet or busy the range might be, it is always possible to zero your gun at A.I.R. If you simply wish to zero before shooting outdoors, not a problem! Feel free to zero your gun and take full advantage of the free air fills before you leave!

If you require help with zeroing your scope or setting your scope up, please give the range a call in advance to book an appointment so that we can make sure there are staff available to assist you during your visit. Depending on the level of assistance required, there may be a £5 fee for this.


Are you an RFD?

A.I.R. is a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) so if there's something you're after or you want to trade in, contact us and we'll let you know what we can do for you. The shop has its own email addressFacebook Page and telephone number (07561 844526) to ensure our shooters have access to information directly from the shop staff. Follow the shop on Facebook to hear news first, including what's in and special offers.


Is there food/drink available for purchase?

We're proud to have a 5* Food Hygiene Rating. There is a wide selection of hot and cold snacks and drinks available for purchase from the range itself.

Hot freshly cooked food is always available from various establishments at the mill, the range has a dining area where you can sit, relax, and enjoy your food.

Have your lunch or tea at the range, or start your weekend with a cooked breakfast and a shoot!

Food is available from Charlie Park, and Player's Lounge. as well as various venues that deliver to the range.

See reception for menus.


Where can I get news about A.I.R?

Please see our official Facebook Page for updates, news, competition details and information about special offers and events. Like our page to hear everything first! Don't forget we're also on Twitter and Instagram. Stay connected!


Is there disabled access?

We are on the first floor and the mill does not currently have a lift, however we are more than happy to assist anyone having difficulty gaining access or carrying equipment.

If you are unsure or have any concerns about access, we recommed visiting the mill to assess accessibility, as everyone has different requirements.


Do you allow spectators?

We are not able to accommodate many spectators. If you are not shooting or supervising a child that is shooting, please be aware that you may be asked to wait in the dining area. There is no charge for spectating, although please remember that it is mandatory that anyone shooting must have signed in before doing so.

*Young children are not allowed into the range as spectators. Please see the section above for more information on our age restrictions.


*Is the range available for private hire?

*Can you host team building/corporate events?

*Can Cubs/Scouts etc use the range as part of a training excercise?

The range is available for complete private hire giving you full privacy for the use of our facilities. This is ideal for corporate events, Cub/Scout/Explorer groups, or training events. This often works out a cheaper option for group bookings. Private hire of the range is only available on Mondays and Tuesdays (not including Bank Holidays) as these are the days that we are closed to the public.

We have a set fee for Monday/Tuesday private hire events which is £150. This covers the hire of the range from either 12pm - 5pm, or from 5pm - 10pm, and includes the hire of four hire guns.

Booking must be done either over the phone or by coming into the range.
Payment must be received a minimum of five days before the event or the event will be cancelled.

Cancellations must be made by speaking directly to a member of staff either over the phone or in person more than 48 hours before the event to avoid a cancellation fee. *Please remember that we are unable to listen to answer machine messages.

**If you wish to make a group booking during our normal opening hours please call us and we will try our best to accommodate you. *Please be aware that standard prices apply (see prices page) during normal hours, a deposit is required in advance for group bookings during normal opening hours, and bookings are subject to availability.


Are gift vouchers available?

Gift vouchers are available for purchase for both the range and our gun shop. You must either come to the range to purchase a voucher, or send a cheque with a stampted self addressed envelope and a note explaining what you want the voucher to cover, along with your contact details (telephone number, email etc) should we need to get in touch.

*Vouchers are valid for up to 6 months after purchase and must be presented at time of use.

We are located at:

Atherton Indoor Range

1st Floor Victoria Mill

Bolton Old Road


Greater Manchester

M46 9FD

Contact us today!

Remember to check out our FAQ page for the answers to most questions. If you have any other queries or wish to make an appointment for a hire air rifle or tuition, please contact us:


The Range (for Range enquiries ONLY) - 07745 278372.


Gun Shop (for shop enquiries ONLY) - 07561 844526.


Please note that these numbers are only available during open hours and are for calls only.

The phone line opens fifteen minutes after we open to allow us to sign shooters in.

Although we always respond as quickly as we can, there may be times when we are providing assistance and are unable to answer straight away. In the event of this, please give us ten minutes and try again. Please remember that we are unable to listen to voicemail messages.

You can also contact us regarding general enquiries by email, using the email address on the contact us page. Appointments for gun hires or tuition can only be taken over the phone.


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